Bridging the gap between rehab and performance.

What is Physical Preparation

Physical preparation involves assessing, treating and training your body for the present and the future. 


This is achieved through 1 on 1 sessions, enabling us to assess your whole body and get to the root cause of dysfunction that is preventing you from achieving your physical goals.


We then apply a blend of hands on therapy and active movement to optimize your unique rehabilitation journey and facilitate your return to performance

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Meet Jeff

Jeff Rolland

MPT, BSs. Kin (Hons), IMS, TPI Certified

I am an evidence-based physiotherapist bridging the gap between rehab and performance. I truly care about my patients, that’s why all sessions are 1 on 1, so we can focus on your body and your specific needs. Everything I do is hands on and movement based.


Appointments can be easily booked online, if you have any questions prior to booking, you can reach me by email at or by phone at 604-996-6515.

Work with Jeff
Jeff is Available:

In person at Atlas Performance & Golf Academy 

On-field for rehabilitation and performance work

Online for consultations and performance programming