1 on 1 assessments of mobility, elasticity, speed, strength, and power


Performance Plans

Individualized programming to train targeted qualities that will enhance your physical and sport performance

Athletic Development

Continued athletic development through all stages of life and level of sport

Constant Re-Assessment

Ongoing re-assessment to show how training has improved your performance and to adjust your programming to ensure continued physical and athletic development

Evidence Based Plan

Data to understand your athletic profile and why we are training specific qualities in the gym

Goal Setting

Specific goal setting to maximize your sporting achievements

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Keys to Performance

When working with athletes Jeff follows an objective and data driven approach that uses a comprehensive system of assessment, treatment, testing and programming.


First, he will ensure that all the drivers of dysfunction in your body have been addressed via an individualized physical assessment and treatment. Enabling you to optimize your true performance potential.


Jeff will then sit down with you to identify your performance goals. Enabling him to conduct a thorough needs analysis of the biomechanical requirements, physiological demands and normative data on physical performance standards. 


From this information Jeff will conduct a series of performance assessments to gather objective data that will determine your athletic profile and identify the qualities needed to be successful in your sport.


Jeff will then use this objective data to develop a personalized performance program to train targeted qualities that will enhance your sport performance.


Your performance assessments will be frequently retested to monitor training progress and adjust your performance programming to ensure continued athletic development.

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